Quality sleep gives you more energy, prevents diseases and leaves you with a more positive outlook on the day. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach for choosing your perfect mattress. Whether you prefer sleeping on a soft, medium or firm mattress, visit the Floor Depot showroom and try some out – you are sure to find your perfect match.

Our dedicated upstairs bedroom section gives you the privacy to test out a range of mattresses, without an eager salesperson leaning over you. Our mattresses suit every firmness preference and budget, ranging from open coil products, through various spring counts of everywhere between 1000 to 4000 springs, with the premium Rely On products for ultimate luxury. We also stock Orthopaedic mattresses, with prices starting at £129 for a double.

Floor Depot Chesterfield also stock a number of other brands, including 'the UK’s most trusted bed brand', Silent Night. With prices starting from £329 for a single mattress, as well as Napoli and Tenimo products from Which? Best Buy winner Sealys, we truly do have something for everyone. In addition, we stock “no turn” mattresses, ideal for older people or those with physical disabilities; we even offer carry home mattresses for customers with last minute requirements. We have a great relationship with these well-known and trusted brands, allowing us to offer the best possible prices. However, as we are independent, we are able to give our customers impartial and helpful advice across our entire range, meaning that you get the mattress that is right for you. 

Mattresses in stock to take away

Mattresses in stock to take away

As a proud stockist of Rely On, we have a great range of their mattresses in our showroom for you to try. Handmade in the UK, using all-natural products, these mattresses are ideal for those who suffer from body aches, and those who find synthetic materials increase their perspiration levels. Additionally, Rely On manufacture mattresses with two different tensions levels, allowing each side of a double bed to be personalised to an individual's preference – no more arguments over who gets to choose the mattress!

We can order what you need, or you can choose from our stock items and take away today for ultimate convenience.

Prices start from £99 for an Orthopaedic mattress.

Our Bed Department at Floor Depot

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